How to sort the data displayed by UI_Tablet by the value of a column?

Let's see if you can help me.
I have a ui_tablet node with 3 columns

Do you know how to sort by the Timestamp column (showing the newest record at the top)?

Have you tried sorting/ordering the array by the timestamp property
in a change node using JSONata, before the ui node.

You can send sorted data to ui-table.
But if you like to use the sorting feature in the column headers you have to dig in deeper:

This should give you a starting point

You have to use an inject node to send a message on start with the config json in msg.ui_control. The field Parameter has to match your property definition (timestamp). You only have to send the parameters you like to change. (More information in the examples)

Hello, Thanks, But I think that this is not the solution, the information is already sorted in the table, it is only necessary to get the most recent event at the top of the column.

Thanks, I study your indications, to see if they help me to obtain my objective.

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