Sort ui_table data by a datetime programatically at the start

Hello together,

I am now a little block with this object. I want to sort by timestamp all the data of my ui_table, but I want to do at the initial moment ( when loaded). I have found this after Tabulator documentation:

"initialSort": [
                "column": "Timestamp",
                "dir": "asc",
                "sorter": "datetime",
                "sorterParams": {
                    "format": "YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss",
                    "alignEmptyValues": "bottom"

But I have added in my ui_control in the json but this don't work, this don't work properly. The older item its at the first row, and I would like to have the newer item at the first row.
Thanks at all.

I havent worked with ui_table recently but have you tried replacing

"dir": "asc", with "dir": "desc",

yes I have test it too with "desc", but that don't work yet.

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