How to split array in function pallete

Hi my name artwin,
can you help me solve this problem, I have a join palette that contains an array with two values, then I want to split the two values ​​in the array into two variables, how do I do that?


can you show the code? you have used

How have you got the Join node configured? You might be better to use key/value pairs then they will already be identified by topic contents.

how do you get the value from the topic? I have replaced the join with key / value

Make sure the two messages coming in have different topics, then feed the output of the join into a debug node. What do you see?

in your node-red you have a button called deploy in the right of that button you have the tree lines you clic in them and then export, clipboard in the flows you selected and then send

Solved thanks @Colin & @Lavio to reference

How do you know they will always be that way round (the [0] and [1])?

hmm, you are right,
I have to try with key / value

Can you give an example of join with key / value with the next node, which is the function node to separate these values?

Solved with join key/values,
thank you very much for the correction of my algorithm