How to start node-red with another tab than the first one?

I have an NR application with 10+ tabs. Only one tab is for mobile phone only. Is there a way to start NR from my mobile with a link like xxxx:1880/ui/5 for the 6th tab? (counting from 0 up)

Hi, because this is on a mobile (I assume 'phone') and I assume being displayed via a web browser then why not set a shortcut on the mobile device that specifically uses the tab?

http://localhost:1880/ui/#!/5 specifically forces the Dashboard UI to start displaying at the 6th tab (ordinal value). Tabs start at '0'. You can even setup a timer and, using the ui_control, cycle between several different dashboards every n seconds.



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Hi Paul,
yes, that's exactly what I am looking for! It works!
Many thanks

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