How to start a specific flow without side menu

I like to use some flows without the side menu.
Normally I start the dashboard with :
and see the first flow!/0

To start the second flow I try:!/1
But I see the first flow.
If I reload (STR+R) the screen updates with the second flow.

Node-RED runs on a RPi and the flows should be read on my iPhone.
Is there a direct way to start a specific flow?

Greetings Thomas

I am not sure if it is a language issue or an understanding, but when you go to you are not starting the flow, all flows are running all the time, all you are doing is opening a window looking at the dashboard.

ok, but how do I display the 2nd tab from a html command

They both work for me
What version of NR, node.js and the dashboard are you using? (lok at NR start up log to find the versions.

I think the problem you are seeing is a browser issue. Using Waterfox (a Firefox derivative) then if I enter the url ui/#!/1 it does go to the right tab, provided the currently open page is not the dashboard. If I have the dashboard open already and enter that url I think the browser does not recognise it as a new url for some reason. As you have noted, if you force a reload it does go there. So if you make a set of links to those pages it may well work.

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