Access speciffic flow from UI

In flow design url, I see the flow ID in the url and I can access speciffic flows using this ID, like**8ae237c33aaa34f1**

When I go to the UI I see some socketid. Is there a way to open speciffic flow from the UI?!/0?socketid=aMd2s7wl8g2GejSuAAAJ

Thanks!/0 <= the zero here is the tab number that will be displayed when you follow the link.

Just change that number to the tab you want to link to.

You can remove everything after the tab number from your link, as that part is generated dynamically after you connect.

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I tried -!/1 but when access it, automatically redirects me to!/0

In that case you will need to find out what (it) is doing the redirecting.

Do you have any ui control nodes for example ?

Yes I have in the flow0, in flow 1 i have only a button for test

What is the ui control node doing when it is triggered ?

Can you post the code here ?

var page = msg.payload;
if (page === "connect"){
    msg =
        payload: {
            "group": {
                "hide": [
                "show": [
else {
    msg.payload = 0;
return msg;

this is the one that is triggered when open the page and I have others as well in the flow that hide/show different groups