How to set and open flow in seperate urls?

How can we set each flow or whole application in specific page url? Like I have two flows, flow1 and flow2 and when i click deploy the flow2 always gets opened like http://localhost:1880/#flow/2462c2061703aa93. So,

  1. How can i open flow1 and flow2 in two different urls while they are both open?
  2. How can we setup url names for the url for each flow like,

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Do you mean that clicking deploy when you are looking at one flow tab in the browser changes the view to a different tab? It shouldn't do that. Clicking Deploy should not change the tab you are looking at. If that is what happens then what version of node-red are you using and what browser?

when i am viewing one flow(called webpage) and click on the start/stop(deploy) it shows the dashboard(i think this is what is called) of another flow(called randomnumbergraph).
For example, below is simple html page display which used to display hello world in a url http://localhost:1880/ui but it is showing another flow in the url.


And below is example of using another flow(randomnumbergraph) which is ok.

I thought the webage flow would show the html page and the randomnumbergraph flow would show up in another url.

I upgraded to node red v3 today.

The screenshot shows us your flow is listening on the path /webpage not /ui.

/ui is the default path used to serve the dashboard provided by the node-red-dashboard set of nodes.

yes, localhost:1880/webpage shows the correct page for webpage flow. i thought when the dashboard is clicked while i am viewing the webpage flow, it would open the localhost:1880/webpage.
Is it possible to open a flow like randomnumbergraph in my case in a predefined url like, localhost:1880/webpage should show the randomnumbergraph flow?

I am new to node red and it looks like it has bright future.

thank you

No. The dashboard sidebar is provided by the node-red-dashboard set of nodes. The button you are click on opens up its dashboard.

If you want to open the editor showing a specific flow, then you have to use the url of that flow - with the appropriate #flow/xyz on the end of the url. There is no way to tell the editor to show a particular flow by its name.

I understand. If I may on insisting, is it not possible to display the gauges(or dashboard elements) on the webpage(localhost:1880/webage) created by the html node?

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