Redirecting to dashboard from flow

Is there a way i redirect to dashboard from the flow.

I get HTML as msg.payload and this i could send to dashboard, but user has to click on dashboard icon to preview it. How do i redirect to dashboard from the flow, say it opens in a new tab when the flow runs ?

Note: Node red instance is on a different machine(m2) and i access this from my machine(m1) - which means from my machine i open m2's node red url and have to redirect to dashboard(m2)

  • the flow editor is used to create flows
  • the dashboard is used for.....dashboard

Why not covert the html to json and display output in the debug panel ?
Why not creating a bookmark for the dashboard ?

we have flows where in which end user clicks only on execute = more of a non technical operation and interested to see final output in a new tab or new browser and not within flow editor(like debug pane)

bookmark is the last option if nothing works out.

I also tried node-red-java-contrib function to redirect to dashboard as mentioned in section 3 of but


takes the system where node red is installed (m2) and not the current machine (m1)

Any suggestions to achieve this would be of great help !

So why not move "execute" to a dashboard and display the output in the same view ?

Could you explain this please

Move the execute to the same tab (ie. dashboard)

Use a button in the dashboard to start the flow

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