Is possible to have access to more than one dashboard

it is possible to have two o more flows active and access them from different urls example

What do you mean by a flow in this case? All the flows in a flows file being run by node-red are active at all times, unless they are disabled.
If you are using node-red-dashboard with multiple pages then multiple devices may be looking at different pages at the same time and may interact with node-red using buttons etc. However, the dashboard is not true multi user, a change made on one device will generally be reflected in the display on the other.

Thank you
I am starting with node-red
If I have two or more active flows, how can I access each other and how do I define the main one?
Do you know any example with more than one flow that I can download to see the logic
Thanks a lot

Im not sure you are getting your concepts right. Nodered is a graphical programming tool that has a editor ui. This ui has flow tabs where you do this editing.
Than there is the dashboard which is an optional addon to show information or interact with the aforementioned flows with user interface elements like switches
If you talk about the flows in the editor at http://yournoderedshostname:1880 where you “programm” there is no main flow. All your flow tabs are made equal so to speak.
To communicate between flows on those tabs with messages you can use link nodes which you can find in the palette on the left. In a link in node you can select from all the link out nodes you which one it should connect to no matter what flow it is on.
If you want to have data that is also accessible from a different/all flows/tabs you have to save it to a global context var. See the documentation on context for this

If you talk about the dashboard there can only be one for each nodered instance and it will once you install the dashboard nodes be located at http://yournoderedshostname:1880/ui
but you can have multiple tabs in your dashboard. You can manage those from the dashboard settings which you can access on the right in the editor where also the debug is locatedt. But it will have the limitations @Colin mentioned regarding multiple users.


Thank you for taking the time to respond to the OP's question in such a thorough manner. Very helpful.

I suspect the OP was referring to the Dashboard (/ui) and was thinking of ways of organizing information such that some users could view one page, and other users could view another page. That's really beyond the capabilities of the NodeRed Dashboard.

A person could always add login objects and then based on what is entered, they could hide/disable some of the dashboard controls.. maybe even hide/disable a Dashboard Tab? You'd have to lock down the flow editor so that a user wouldn't be able to interrogate the code and override things...

That is entirely possible in node-red, if by page you mean different tabs of the dashboard at the same time.

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