How to store and fetch data from CouchDB with user password


was looking into the forum but did not find a documentation fetching data from couchdb.

Anyone having a goog example / tutorial ?

Thanks T

Did you look in the Flows tab of the forum?

Library - Node-RED

The IBM Cloudant DB is CouchDB compatible I believe which is why most of the nodes are for Cloudant but they should still work with CouchDB.

Comparing Apache CouchDB and IBM Cloudant

Ok thanks, will check

yes I did and installed couchdb, but no example available

will check with cloudant


Actually, you prompted me to get started on something that I've been meaning to get to for quite a long time, a PouchDB node.

Watch out for the initial announcement. The basics are working as a proof-of-concept already.

You will be able to use that to sync data with CouchDB as soon as I've added a few more features. PouchDB is compatible with CouchDB and its derivatives. It handles the data locally with the option to sync to a server.

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