[New Node] node-red-contrib-pouchdb

Hi everyone,

Just announcing this early - it is still only in a proof-of-concept form at the moment - to get feedback from the collective brain. :grin:

PouchDB is a local database compatible with CouchDB and its derivatives (Cloudant and Couchbase). It handles the data locally with the option to sync to a server. It is like the SQLite of the no-sql world.

So far, I've only implemented:

  • Database creation via a configuration node so that it can be shared between nodes
  • An output node that only does a simplistic put of new documents to the db
  • An input node that listens for changes to the db and outputs the change data

Minimal settings and error checking. I just wanted to prove that I could get it working and get something useful.

If you want to try it, please install direct from GitHub npm install totallyinformation/node-red-contrib-pouchdb.

It should be fairly trivial to add the option to sync to an external CouchDB compatible server.

Check out the TODO list for things already identified but I'm looking for feedback from the community on what you think should be implemented.


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