How to Stream with IP camera on ubuntu?


Hi I am Daniel, the beginner of Node-red.

I would like to add the ip camera on node red dashboard
But I can only find the guideline of Raspberry pi - camera on internet...

My items are:

  • Ubuntu 1.8
  • Vstarcam-100g (IP camera)

please help me...


What instructions? As Rasbian and Ubuntu are both debian based have you tried following the instructions?


Yes sir. I searched the instruction on youtube-nodered ip camera, but it doesn't work at all..

My final goal to manage ip camera to appear on dashboard


Please post a link to the instructions you found


So sorry for late reply

Actually I watched more then this, I can't find where...
The other related videoes are all regarding camera -- Node-red


Hi Daniel,

I think you first have to ask yourself what you want to achieve:

  • Do you want your Node-RED flow to capture the images from the camera, and send the images to your dashboard afterwards. The advantage is that you can do extra things in your flow with the images (e.g. store them on disc, face recognition...). The disadvantage is that this will eat extra cpu and memory. In this link -see "usage" section - I have described two simple ways to achieve this with having to install extra software.
  • If you just want to show the images in your dashboard (without having the images travelling through your flow), you only have to add a dashboard template node in your flow. That template node will get images directly from your IP camera. I have described how to do that in this link (section "get mjpeg stream directly from IP camera).

Good luck!

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Thank you Bart

I will try as soon as possible
Thank you for supporting, I will try my best