How to track a node-red variable trend on a browser

I am new at node-red.
I want to track my variable outside of node-red dashboard as a trend.
My question is that is there a free web service that I can track my variable on a browser?

It's not really clear what you are asking here, you need to provide more information.
1 - what is 'my variable'
2 - how do you plan on tracking it?
3 - how long will you track it?

tto track data over time, you should probably store it in a database like Influx and you could use Granafa to look at the data.

as for your last question:

Maybe but again I don't know what you mean about tracking it unless you mean you want to run NR in the cloud. If so, have you tried a google search?

Recently I came across this node, and I've been using it since then. It's been working for me so far. It only allows for one variable.

@zenofmud, 'my variable' is an output of HTTP Get node that i use to consume some API. I want to track it on my phone, and last 1 hour data would be sufficient.
By tracking, i mean that i want to see the graph of that data from my phone or tablet.

Thank you @bct19, this is almost what i needed. It will help me a lot in my project.

take a look at telegram and my post in this thread :Telegram add Chart
Telegram is much safer that exposing your NR to the outside world.

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