How to update node-red-contrib-powershell


again I spend over 2 hours to debugging.

The Package "node-red-contrib-powershell" has a bug. The msg.payload will not correct returned.

In github the error is corrected, see: node-red-contrib-powershell/powershell.js at master · tobiassoltermann/node-red-contrib-powershell · GitHub

The correction was 12 Dec 2019!

Please guide me in the right direction. Is it wrong to use the Packages which I can install with the "add palette" button?

And how did you work?

Spend hours and hours and analyse the sourcecode seams a bit time consuming for me.

Kind regards


If the npm package hasn't been updated with the fix maybe raise an issue on GitHub to point this out to the author

Hello Simon,

thanks for your hint. I will try this.

Are you doing this the same way or have you identified a better solution in your workflow?

I dont use it

If you need to use it before npm gets updated then maybe you could install it direct from the repository

You can install direct from github by going into your .node-red folder (that is important) and running
npm install tobiassoltermann/node-red-contrib-powershell

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This is great! THANK YOU!

You could also use the node-powershell underlying library direct in a function node without the simplistic wrapper that the contrib node provides.

In truth though, you are probably better off simply using the exec node to execute powershell directly.

There is also a different node.js module that I've always recommended for Node/PowerShell interactions: edgejs.

This is a fork of edgejs with some improvements: edge-js - npm (

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