Node-red installation

I installed node-red by official site, npm, but I don´t achieve to use it. I have the latest versions of powershell and node js

Welcome to the forums @Tais

I have moved this away from Developing Nodes - clearly installing Node RED is nothing to do with developing a node red module.

You mention power shell, so I guess this is Windows?

Power Shell isn't a requirement, so shouldn't be a point to investigate.
So how are you trying to execute it?

What command are you running to try and run it?
I don't use Windows my self, but it will help to understand the steps you have taken thus far.

Lastly what error are you getting?

And are you using the latest version of node-red? There was a fix released for Windows yesterday.

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My system is Windows 11. I installed node-red on the cmd, ans also by git bash, but when I use the command ctrl + alt + x on Visual Studio Code, nothing happens