Module error node-red

how do I format my node-red and fix this error?
i'm new to node-red, how do I format and reinstall again

Just follow the instructions again - no need to uninstall.

PS, I recommend node-js version 14 LTS

the problem is that I can't use any 'npm' command, it looks like the flood from the same message above

no 'npm' command works

Did you install it as it says in the directions?

Try reinstalling it... (as per Node-Red for Windows)

Opps, @zenofmud beat me too it :slight_smile:

i tried to install but i can't delete node_modules at all
no 'npm' command works

It looks like you have corrupted node_modules.

Completely remove node and node_modules ...

HOW TO: How to completely remove node.js from Windows - Stack Overflow

THEN - install node-js V14 LTS

THEN - install node-red again...

thank you very much!

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