How to use msg.payload or global variables in postgrestor node?

Hi there, so I'm using postgrestor node in NR and am able to do some sql operations by the postgrestor node just fine. My question is: how to use msg.payload or NR global varaible in the postgrestor node because the postgrestor node only recogonize sql statements not javascript statements. Thank you.

what is the exact name of the node you are using? If you go to the flows tab and enter 'postgrestor' it returns 3 nodes....

In general most people use either a change node, or a template node, or a function node in front of a database node in order to construct and format up the query correctly.

hi the node name is postgrestor,
Yet another Node-RED node to query PostgreSQL

yeah i understand but i dont know how to somehow pass the NR objects to SQL variables as the postgrestor node only has one SQL input field...

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