Node-red-contrib-postgresql 0.9.0 with global variables


I'm using "node-red-contrib-postgresql 0.9.0" to change data with a PostgresSQL database.

To use variables in my query it's necessary to use {{{msg.payload.VARIABLE}}}, and it's working fine. But when i tried to use {{{global.get("VARIABLE")}}} this not work.

Can anyone help me telling the right syntax to use global variables in my case?


Have you tried {{{global.VARIABLE}}}

Thanks for the answer!

I tested it and, does not work yet.

I have tried:


Exactly where are you entering that?

Also what do you mean by does not work?

In my case, i need to read the column "modelo_turno" from the table "usuario".

The query camp is working like that:

SELECT modelo_turno
FROM {{{msg.payload.schema}}}.usuario

The schema will be a string variable, because of that i am using a function node before the PostgresSQL node to read a string from a global variable and write it on the msg.payload to use in my query.

Would simplify my program if i use the global variable directly, instead of using the function all time.

So what exactly isn't working?

Everything is working, but i want to know if its possible to use the global variable instead of the msg.payload in my query.

In what way. In what node (full name e.g. node-red-contrib-xxxx)?

Can you show us how you are attempting to use this format?

I'm using Node-red-contrib-postgresql 0.9.0.

It seems the author has elected to only support the msg object (see here: node-red-contrib-postgresql/postgresql.js at a524c9a77cd6481e6090d0dfee138c43509df574 · alexandrainst/node-red-contrib-postgresql · GitHub)

as opposed to the built in template node which supports global and flow context (node-red/80-template.js at 702545e0b238f160cce9b339808b230f9d741b08 · Steve-Mcl/node-red · GitHub)

You could raise a request on the issues page of that node asking if the author would support accessing {{{flow.var}}} and {{{global.var}}} in the node.

That said, you are far better off using parameters (as described here: GitHub - alexandrainst/node-red-contrib-postgresql: Node-RED node for PostgreSQL, supporting parameters, split, back-pressure) as they will help you avoid the problem of quotes in string values and avoid SQL injection issues.

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