How to use node-red-contrib-advanced-ftp node

How to use node-red-contrib-advanced-ftp node for LASTMOD option.
Here is my Flow.

Seeing how it doesn't seem to be documented in the node's Help, this would be a good question/request to ask the node's author on the GitHub page.

Any suggestions how to Configure node-red-contrib-ftp-download node?

Did you look at the Readme and the Help tab in the editor when clicking on the node?

If so, what has you confused?

I am confused with file path options in FTP-download node.

The directory will be a location on the machine runing Node_RED

Where did the function node come from? It isn't in your original flow....
If you want all the files, why not change the function node to return a msg for each file?

to see how to send multiple msgs take a read of Writing Functions : Node-RED

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