How to use OPCUA Browser and Template nodes together


I want to connect to OPCUA server and get the data on the dashboard. For the solution, I am using OPCUA Browser node and the template node.
But I don't know how to browse the data.
I am using the following code for template:

<div layout="row" layout-align="space-between">
	<select ng-model="item" ng-options="items.item.displayName.text for items in msg.payload">
		<option value="">-- Objects Root --</option>
	<button ng-click="send({payload: {actiontype: 'browse', root: item}})"> Browse </button>

<div layout="row" layout-align="space-between">
    <ul> <li ng-repeat="items in msg.payload"> {{items.item.displayName.text}}: {{items.item.nodeId}} </li>

When I deploy it, my node-red server connection gets lost and I get this error message:

  • [warn] [OpcUa-Browser:72907975.5a3ce8] input browser
  • [info] [OpcUa-Browser:72907975.5a3ce8] start browse client on opc.tcp://

Then I have to delete the backup flow nad then restart node-red in order to run it again. I need some help regarding this. Thanks.


OPC UA and Node-Red