How to use subflows that contain UI elements

I created a small UI element with SVG graphics node and made a subflow with some other nodes out of it. I can easily place that on my dashboard wherever I want it. But when I add a second instance of that subflow, only one appears in the layout editor and in the layout list and in the dashboard they appear at the given place one after the other. I could not find a way to place each of them independently.
Any ideas or workarounds?
Thanks a lot

Hi, no. Reusing ui widgets in subflows is not supported.

that's not good news, I can't help but feeling somewhat disappointed because this makes building large dashboards much more demanding.
How is it done with the gauge, led and other stuff I can draw into my flow. I can place several instances of these freely.
Thanks for any help

There is a proposal to allow this but it has not yet been implemented. There are other alternatives available like uibuilder and now flex dash that enable much richer dashboards to be created

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