UI arrangement in Subflows

Hello everyone,

I'm currently migrating/redeveloping my flows for DB2 but having problems getting the UI-elements positioned in Sub-Flows (if that is even possible yet !?)

My Use-Case:

  • I have Zigbee Lights in all my rooms and the UI-Element mostly looks like this (in DB1)

  • First part is showing the elapsed time when light was switched on

  • 2nd part is operation mode (at what time the light is triggered by motion event)

  • 3rd is the timer for how long a light is switched on (every motion event is reseting timer)

  • 4th element is just to enable/disable the light entirely

  • 5th ia anON/OFF state toggle

  • I want the same layout for all my lights and want to use a subflow

  • but i'm unable to arrange the UI elements in Db2
    subflow_sample.json (29.2 KB)

Any ideas on how or if this UI arrangement in Subflows is possible ?

thanks for any help

At the moment there are some limitations in this feature.

Check this thread/Post related to that: There's is surely a better way than copy-paste the same panel? - #4 by Steve-Mcl

What I am doing at the moment, is first to create the layout as a normal node inside a group, and after I am happy with the components position create the sub-flow.

nice approach ... Ill give it a try .. thx :+1: