How to "wipe" node.status() - not as shown

I have tried researching the subject but to no avail.

I have some code that sets the node.status() of a node.

Alas it doesn't clear it in other cases. So I went off looking/searching.

From the manual


If the status object is an empty object, {} , then the status entry is cleared from the node.

Ok. Not exactly correct I have found.

It has to be more like:
node.status({}); but.....

That worked (after a while) on one occurrence. I stupidly deleted the node as things moved on.

I am wanting it again.

Now I am seeing an error:


I may be wrong, but I suspect a puppet master - somewhere - having a great laugh at my expense.

C'mon. I can't believe I am this silly to not be getting what is wrong here.
I had it working. Now it won't.

This is a know bug/problem with the beta release.
Nick says it has been fixed in the upcoming release.
Here's a copy of the issues that have been reported.



I've just upgraded to NR v1.0.0-beta-2 and found the fill and/or shape attribute doesn't work.
Here's a snippet that used to work fine in the previous release.
Cheers from David

var fsm_state = flow.get("state_counter");

if (fsm_state === 0 || fsm_state == 1){
msg.payload = 1;
node.status({fill:"red",shape:"dot",text:"Red ON"});

else {
msg.payload = 0;

return msg;




After some testings I found that fill and shape attribute doesn't work after first occurrence. And somehow the debug node can still handle the status with shape correctly.

Works until you once set empty object to status

Not wanting to be a pain, and I appreciate it is a known problem.


It seems to be a bit specific in which OS it fails.

RPI NR.... Ok.

Ubuntu NR.... Na. Not working.

Do you want/need piccies?

@Trying_to_learn the line of code with the error is because you have a : at the end of the line and not an;.

This is nothing to do with the issue @dynamicdave is referring to.

Oops. Hangs head.


I am in the midst of trying to rewrite a whole lot of my flows to a newer layout/methodology.

Painful at best, and not helped by me making baby mistakes.

Oops - sorry, didn't spot the : colon (which should be a semicolon).
Please ignore my post.

Aside from the syntax error in your code, what is not 'exactly' correct? It says you have to set status to an empty object. That is exactly what node.status({}) does. Why do you say 'it has to be more like...' ... What did you think it meant?

Well, to make the node.status become Clear the line I need to enter is:



node.status{}; As I read it. (But that's me.)

I am still not good enough to add the extra stuff when it says the node.status object empty....

So, (now understood) that is what is put --in-- the node.status() part. Layers. Ooops.
I got it messed up.
(It may be better if I could be not me but then I wouldn't be me. And I think that wouldn't be nice.)