🎉 Node-RED 1.0.0-beta.2 released

I looked into the flow file for the node in question and it looks like it leaves "tot":"", empty instead of true or false. Hopefully that's useful information.

One small bug: If I pin a value in the debug tab the background turns so dark that I cannot read the pinned value.

The API for treelist has been changed

before 1.0 the API for adding children is: (https://nodered.org/docs/api/ui/treeList/)

children: function(done) {
    $.getJSON('/some/url', function(result) {

now it seems to be:

children: function(item, done) {
    $.getJSON('/some/url', function(result) {

How solid is the new definition now?

Will this be rotated again (so that it remains backward compatible) or does this order remain the parameter?

My bad. Will restore the API for the next beta. Forgot we'd published this widget with 0.20... thought I still had leeway to tinker before formalising.

No Problem, the idea to add the item is very good. By simply rotating done and item let it be compatible to 0.20

children: function(done, item) {
    $.getJSON('/some/url', function(result) {

I've just upgraded to NR v1.0.0-beta-2 and found the fill and/or shape attribute doesn't work.
Here's a snippet that used to work fine in the previous release.
Cheers from David

var fsm_state = flow.get("state_counter");

if (fsm_state === 0 || fsm_state == 1){
msg.payload = 1;
node.status({fill:"red",shape:"dot",text:"Red ON"});

else {
msg.payload = 0;

return msg;

After some testings I found that fill and shape attribute doesn't work after first occurrence. And somehow the debug node can still handle the status with shape correctly.

Works until you once set empty object to status

All reported issues fixed:

  • :white_check_mark: TypedInput is broken for Boolean type
  • :white_check_mark: Pinned Debug message background
  • :white_check_mark: TreeList Children api
  • :white_check_mark: Status icon not being drawn

Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming.


I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or this could be really something to look at...

1 - Build the most bassic flow
2- try to export to library

Nothing happens when clicking buttom Export to library

I tried in a windows machine as well as on a Raspberry.

Any errors in the browser log?

Same happened to me and then I realised we have to click on local before clicking on export

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@knolleary, yes Nick. See below:

but it works as @cymplecy well noted (tks Simon).


  • :white_check_mark: Library browser now auto-selects first entry in the list to avoid that error

Hi Nick,
Just wondering when you say the various 'issues' have been 'fixed'...
Do I have to wait for the next beta release to get them??

Don't know if it has been fixed together with "Library browser now auto-selects first entry" fix so

Export editor if trying to Download the flow, error in browser and no functionality.


Thanks for reporting - fixed:

  • :white_check_mark: Library export download button

Yes. You don't get the fixes until we release them. We'll be refreshing the beta once a week (or there abouts).

I've upgraded to Node-RED v1.0.0-beta.2
I am seeing strange dropdown rendering behavior using the UDP in / out and TCP in/out/request nodes. I tested my local flow in both Firefox and Chrome and see the blank dropdown fields in both browsers. I have reinstalled node-red-bluemix-nodes v1.1.10 and still see the issue.

Thanks for reporting @johnwalicki. That is odd; I don't think we've seen that with other modules that provide their own i18n messages. Will investigate.

do we have udp and tcp on bluemix ? If so they would be their own nodes so may never have been i18n