How to write 100 words via node-red-contrib-cip-to-ethernet-ip

I have to send 100 words from a Modbus/Tcp device to a ControlLogix plc.

I need a way to write data to different tag names in the AB plc via a function node. But as I see it it’s only possible if I add a write node for every individual tags. Is this really correct? Or is there a way to do this inside a function node. I have all tags added in the device connection.

I've just installed the node and it looks as you fear you will have to create a 100 output nodes.
The node doesn't seem to support passing a tag name via the msg object nothing mentioned in "node info". However looking at the code you might be able use msg.variable give it a try ...

Thanks for the hint I will give it a try, and see if I can figure it out.

try a inject node you can set both .payload and .variable
And set .variable to string