How to write payload to google doc?


I have a payload like this: Index, time and 700 data.
I can see it in the msg.payload and I want to log the data in google doc (or excel)

I have searched some links like

  1. How to read and write data to a Google sheet in node-red (flow) - Node-RED
    but the google UI is different and I couldn't find the "Service account key"
  2. And this one, but does not have any example of how to use it...
    node-red-contrib-google-docs (node) - Node-RED

May I know if there is any link I can follow?


Here is a sample of my payload
0,2021-03-10 11:44:32.208,8526,7846,7855,7879,7649,7600,7927,7772,7411,7600,7689,7659,7760,7826,7608,7821,7866,7998,7812,7748,7698,7810,8205,8111,7702,7859,8134,7976,7539,7771,7960,7999,8082,7815,8914,8525,8301,8239,7988,8091,7889,7929,7778,7905,7804,7797,7978,8002,7863,8014,8204,8576,9352,10188,10025,9453,9046,9498,9274,9357,9381,9301,8897,8581,8505,8657,8723,9035,9658,9808,9191,7364,7486,8004,8098,5932,7467,8875,8422,8291,8057,7370,6290,5439,5404,5548,5792,6144,6554,6559,7148,6096,5595,5842,5420,5161,4907,4797,4907,4875,4735,4383,4348,4573,5383,6869,8300,9661,10365,10992,11374,11211,11143,12114,12834,12863,23061,33937,16510,17189,11958,8871,7758,6992,12194,14164,12654,11075,9977,9885,9455,9855,10650,11235,10975,10513,10576,10414,11024,12271,10813,7878,10520,10025,9022,8569,8262,7554,6623,6069,6000,6822,7802,8718,8802,8012,6150,9654,9148,10577,11737,13397,14372,15947,16254,16959,17716,18130,17792,26737,34973,29777,21057,26178,22241,16104,19420,15130,11475,8212,8963,8547,8392,8976,9315...

You say Google or Excel. Will CSV do (which can be read by Excel)? If so then look at the CSV node.

csv node can connect to the google drive? I thought the node is for the local csv file.

Correct, but you said it would be ok to write to Excel or Google Doc. Perhaps you meant to Google Doc or Google Sheets, which is not the same as Excel. If that is what you meant then my suggestion is no good.

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