How write data to single register with LE (Modbus-RTU)?

Hello. I ran into a problem, please help me find a solution.

There is a two-channel relay with Modbus, I use the package to communicate with it node-red-contrib-modbus
Read channel 1 and channel 2 state :01 03 00 01 00 02 95 CB --- it is not problem
The problem starts when I initiate the write, namely

The command to turn on, according to the manual, looks like 01 06 00 01 01 00 D9 9A
That is, to turn on the channel '1' relay, it is necessary to write the value 0x0001 to the register at address 0x01.

Now the actual question
How to write data to a register using LE bit order using node modbus-flex-getter?

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