HR Dashboard - Having group widths larger the 6, looks strange

On a PC it looks fine, but on Firefox and Chrome browsers on my phone, the groups right margins are outside the physical screen border. Is that a limitation of the mobile browsers or can I do anything about it. My group width is 8.

the dashboard "units" are set in the dashboard sidebar site sub-tab and default to 48px each - so you can adjust that so 8 "units" fit across your screen if you wish.

Just do not go to extremes. 24x24 is supported but not for all widgets. You may then need to add additional css to compencate some drawbacks in case they occurred and that may limit the prettyness of your dashboard.

Overall it takes to even respect the card layout system with it's rules about sizes or to go with complete build from scratch option. (uibuilder)

Dashboard uses the card layout system just because it gives almost acceptable result with nearly zero manual work needed to do. All of that for wide range of devices and screen sizes. But as always, what is good for every thing just can't be perfect for any of them.

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