Html body reading

Hi, I have a message sent to my email with a body of text(in html) format. When I view the complete message with debug it shows the following:
How can I get this in a readable form to extract the important components?

I have tried using a "html" node like follows:
But this doesn't return what I wish. I'd like to remove the "br"s between the text parts so I can put it into the msg.payload.

Any help is appreciated.


The brs don't stop you putting it into the payload. If you remove them you will just have a long string with them removed. What exactly do you want to end up with?

it looks like you're passing it through an HTML node to break it down. What is your output?

in theory msg.html should contain the html version and msg.payload the plain text version - but that will depend on the sending end and it's not always the case (but worth checking). As noted you could use the html node - but you could also use the split node (which would produce a series of messages rather than one array) - or a change node to replace <br/> . or a function node with a small bit of code to slice it however you like.

Part of the email contains:
I'd like to extract these parts of the email and have them in objects.

Once we get that chunk of the email out the CSV node may be able to handle it.

It needed some work, but I made it work using the change and string node, by removing the unnecessary bits. If needed I can post the solution flow