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I am unable to read data from local html link.
If I see output of HTTP Request, I can see that it can only be opened in IE7 Emulator or below and Node-Red is only working on IE11.
Is there are block in node-red , which can read from IE7 Emulator or below.

If you care to share the actual error we may be able to guess more accurately. Certainly a simple http request should work unless blocked by the server (not Node-RED). And no we certainly don't support IE7 as a browser to use as a client to Node-RED (as a server)

No system or service should be reliant on IE7 - I think the last major release of IE7 was over 10 years ago.

Even IE11 should not be relied upon as it is due for retirement this summer I think.

Unfortunately all the access is blocked for local html other then IE7 or below, as can be seen below:

Please find the code below(upper flow)
flows (2).json (2.0 KB)

If you can read that with the HTTP Request node, what else do you need? Node-RED doesn't evaluate the JavaScript in the content it gets - so none of that code will be run.

What are you trying to do exactly?

Is this from an older Windows CE or similar embedded device by any chance?

I put 2 flows, 2nd is working fine.
The first one is coming as empty. I believe because the HTML link is only accessible from IE7 or below.

It is from an older controller having firmware, no OS.

I think we would need to see more of that HMTL page but as Nick says, it is most likely because the content is actually generated by JavaScript. However, it might still be possible to get to the data if the JavaScript can be reproduced in Node-RED.

Ah, unfortunate, well whoever owns that - whether you or a customer - needs to be thinking about replacement before too long I think.

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