Node-Red connection to another device, from a server

Hello all,

I have been working with a server on a desktop and have connected a device that is running Node-Red (Advantech ADAM 6750) and when I go to the Chrome web browser and type in the url "(ADAM ip):1880/hello" it pulls up the response I had set up, but when I use the server that was set up on the desktop and try to access the same url I do not get anything as a response, the server uses c# and I have tried the following code to access the Node-Red HTTP request:

WebClient client = new WebClient();
client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential ("user","pass");
string value = client.DownloadString("https://(ADAM ip):1880/hello");

I get no response what so ever, (I am not using HttpClient becasue the server doesnt offer that library).

Any help would be much appreciated.

Are you using https:// when you do it in the browser or just http? If not https then use http in your client s/w.

I have tried it with both, but i am currently using https

Where are you putting that code? Where is the WebClient() function coming from?

It is coming from a software program on the desktop that runs a limited version of c# hence the reason i dont have access to HttpClient

  1. Does it work in your c# app if you use "" for example?

  2. Also does it work for ip:1880 without the /hello?

  3. Does https work in the browser?

  4. Are you running the browser on the same machine that the node-red server is running on?

  1. Http and Https both worked in the browser

  2. Everything is being run on the same computer, except the Adam module which is on the same network.

      1. I can try next time im at my computer and respond to those then - most likely monday

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