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I would like to enable the textbox according to selected radio button (these are located in node properties box). Normally, I would do this via JQUERY, but I have no idea how can I do this in Node-RED.
So in this case, if user selects Local Name and put some text on the text box, I will get that data in my {customnode.js} file.

Is this a custom contrib node you are developing?

@Steve-Mcl Yes.

then you can use JQuery (it is included with the node-red editor)

Better still, use the typedInput widget e.g...


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@Steve-Mcl Thanks. But it seems that radio buttons are not supported?

Node edit dialog : Node-RED. I can't see them here.

Of course they are supported, its just HTML + JQuery

However, if you want dynamic input capability (i.e. permitting the user to send the "name" in a msg property (like or msg.payload) then the "made for this purpose" typedInput is a much better solution.

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