Html in Notification Pop-Up

hi I use Notification Pop-Up
it is possible to show html content in a popup dialog
or if any other node for send html to popup like messageBox in jquery

I wonder what this option does...

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am sorry
I did not pay attention

:slight_smile: In the OP's defence, it is slightly confusing.

It should probably read 'Accept raw HTML/JavaScript in msg.payload to format popup.'

Unless of course the user is allowed to type and send HTML code in the input field that pop's up. In which case I have said nothing. :slight_smile:

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good shout - will clarify as you suggest.

Note: the reason this is optional is of course that it is indeed a way to do code injection so you need to ensure you have sanitised any html/js you send to the notification - and don't allow any previous user input to leak through.

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