Html to table in node red


i would like to edit the backgroundcolor of a tablecell in a ui table node with the payload coming from a function node.

It worked with an html cell and a hex colorcode payload. But with that method i dont know how to put other content in that cell.

I found the thread with examples for ui tables. Here was the idea of creating html code with color and content for a table. But the whole data came as html. i would like to use html only for specific cells.

so i tried to send : <div sytle='background-color: yellow; width:100%'>35</div>
to a cell, formated as html. Sadly i only get the content but not the color. I tried the color as hexcode as well.

maybe someone has a hint to get it to work ?
btw i am not good at html...

I think the flow wont help here.


There is typo: sytle should be style

Well , what should i say , i didnt see that syntax fail :slight_smile:

Thank you!


You might also want to check the rendered HTML using the dev tools to see whether each cell has a unique identifier on it. If so, that may help you with overriding the formatting.

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