HTML5 number input

Hi there.

Firstly thanks to all who build/maintain/contribute to node-red, it's great.

I'm updating a node (more precisely, building a PR for somebody else's node). For the nodes I've created before I've used an HTML5 for config properties that I wanted to be numbers.

However I see that they have used with a .spinner({min:1}) jQueryUI widget and a validate:RED.validators.number().

From a semantic perspective it seems nicer to put all of the information in one place i.e. in the tag, and it seems that the general mood music on the web is away from jQuery as HTML5/ES6+ support becomes much more universal.

What would your advice be on current/emerging best practice for this?

  • Avoid input , use .spinner
  • Use don't use spinner but keep validate
  • Use and don't use validate (I presume in this case we don't get red triangles where we might like them).