Http API Call in NodeRed

I am wanting to get crypo prices from coinmarketcap. I have an API Key and the url ` But where do i start!. I have an inject, function, http request node and a debug node. But have never tried anything like this before. Is this quite a difficult thing to accomplish for a beginner, or pretty straight forward. I can normally find some similar code and just modify it to suit but i am at a bit of a loss with this one.

Its not terribly difficult. And you are on the right track with the http request.

Are you getting anything in the debug?

I would definitely recommend you watch this playlist first to get familiar with the basics of node-red. They're quite light and only a few minutes each.

And there are tons of helpful folk on this forum who will help out if you try first & get stuck.

Hi @Chaos

in addition to the links @Steve-Mcl shared, I also suggest you have a look at the Cookbook - it contains some recipes for the HTTP Request node -

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