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Good morning,
I wondered if someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction.

I have Node Red running on an Ubuntu server its IP address being
I have created a flow that I wish to trigger from a browser on my desktop Windows 10 PC its IP address is on the same range.
In Node Red I created a HTTP endpoint using using GET and /Test

On my desktop pc I type into a browser
On the first time of running I get a browser window asking for a username and password, On supplying those credentials I get a NGIX internal error and any subsequent HTTP calls display the same error with out the ability to re enter credentials.
If I reboot the Ubuntu server and try again I am presented with a username log on which if I enter fails again.

Many thanks in anticipation

Your Ubuntu server is running the NGINX web server which is acting as a "reverse proxy". In other words, when you try to reach port 1880 on that server NGINX is configured to deal with the request.

However, I'm guessing that you have Node-RED configured for login on the http-in endpoints and for some reason NGINX isn't liking it.

There are a number of threads in the forum that detail appropriate configuration for NGINX so you may wish to check those out.

Good Afternoon Julian
Many thanks for your prompt reply
I will search out the relevant threads and investigate

many thanks

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