HTTP Error: self signed certificate

in my system, I have currently 2 raspberries pi 3 b+ that are in different networks. In one of them (raspberry A), I have Emoncms and in the other (raspberry B) I have node-red communicating with some field devices (inverters). In raspberry A, I have generated a self signed certificate for the Emoncms to secure it. I've copied the certificate files to the raspberry B and I tried to direct the checking of the certificate to the directory where these files are. I tried using the npm command: npm config set cafile /mydirectory/mycert.pem --global and I tried establishing an environment variable that would point to this directory in the environment file in the directory /etc: set NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS=/mydirectory/mycert.pem.
But I still get an error when I try to push anything to Emoncms.
So, could anyone please help me?

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