"node-red admin login" fails with enabled https

Just wanted to explore the node-red admin commands and got the "usual" certificate error:

Error: self signed certificate

We could invest some time to get rid of the error but as soon as the device is out in the wild (at customer site) things quickly get more complicated. This is a big issue for another post.

(Hypothetical scenario, I am not really using the admin console yet): The workaround atm is to turn https off, restart Node-RED, do the node-red admin stuff in the terminal and turn https on again. In the meantime my buddy at the other end of the office would have done all the changes in the browser (cause he doesn't like terminals) already.

While I am okay with the workaround, I wondered if there is a possibility to ignore the self signed certificate error in the terminal.

The quick workaround is to set the environment variable NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED to 0 before running the command.

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