Node-RED integration with Keycloak gives Error self signed certificate


I have integrated node-red with keycloak i get redirected to keycloak and then after authentication node-red page appears but i get below issue. Can anyone help here please. Thank you in advance.

Error : Self signed certificate in certificate chain

In settlings file i have added below lines

The error is telling you that the self-signed certificate cannot be verified. You either need to use a publicly signed and verifiable certificate (e.g. from Let's Encrypt) or you need to turn off certificate chain verification (sorry not got round to trying KeyCloak so I don't know how to/if you can do that. Or you need to provide a verifiable certificate chain to KeyCloak.

Thank you for your reply. I disabled certificate validation at node-red side using below line . It worked.
In settings.js above mode.exports line.

I understand that this is not a correct way to do it. But for test environment we can use this. For production i need to add valid certificate in node-red. I am still figuring that out.

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