Http GET with JSON payload?

Can I make a GET request with a JSON payload in the body?

For example if I use an inject node with this:

    "address": "12345:2",
    "object_type": "analogInput",
    "object_instance": "2"

And feed this into the block of an HTTP request node:

Looks like this:

The rest API fails returns some Python language:

info: "'NoneType' object is not subscriptable"

status: "fail"

Any ideas to try? I can seem to make this work with insomnia, send a JSON payload in a GET and get a response like this screen shot below I am trying to recreate in node red.

Can you check what is on the 'Header' tab in insomnia - you may be missing a required header.

Headers tab in insomnia

Do I need this? Its a link on how to incorporate headers for node red requests. Set a request header : Node-RED

That shows you are missing the content-type header.

In your Inject node, add a property called headers, set its type to JSON and set its value to:

{"content-type": "application/json"}

edit: yes, that cookbook link will work as well. Either approach is good

Sweet that worked thank you so much just incorporating it into the inject node.

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