HTTP-Request EPROTO Failure

Hello everyone,
i have the following problem:

RequestError: write EPROTO 18080000:error:0A000152:SSL routines:final_renegotiate:unsafe legacy renegotiation disabled:c:\ws\deps\openssl\openssl\ssl\statem\extensions.c:922:

I currently use the http request node. And i got the above error.
In the header lines i configured the contenttype and the content length.

Please assist me with my failure.
Thanks for your help.

It is telling you that there is a mismatch between the TLS (SSL) protocols allowed by your installation of OpenSSL and what the web server at the other end is prepared to use.

This is common with web services that haven't been kept properly up-to-date and so are using legacy security settings.

The best way forward is to get the web service you are trying to access update their installation to make it more secure.

Otherwise you might be able to adjust Node-RED's ExpressJS server settings to be less secure (really not recommended) or occasionally you can downgrade OpenSSL to a version that hasn't updated its security settings (also not recommended).

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