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I'm using nodered on a raspberry pi and recently one of the servers I do a HTTP GET from comes back with error: ERR_TLS_CERT_ALTNAME_INVALID

I can get a normal result when connecting to this with a webrowser and was wondering if there is anyway to get the pi / nodered instance to ignore this error and return the data anyway?

You can disable server certificate validation under the TLS configuration.

Assuming you have ticked the "Enable secure (SSL/TLS) connection" box, you can then create a TLS configuration where you can uncheck the "Verify server certificate" box.

But it is probably better to try and fix the underlying issue if possible as this change will technically allow somebody to impersonate the remote server.

That error implies that the hostname you are using either doesn't match any of the entries in the servers certificate or the certificate has some bad data in it.

When you say you can connect with a browser, does it also show an error, but you can choose to ignore it?

Also if you are happy to share the hostname you are connecting to we can have a quick look at the certificate it is returning.

That's excellent thanks, thats sorted it.

Im using these WIOLINK boards to control a relay operating my boiler and receiving temperatures.

They connect to I always meant to setup a local server or replace them with something else but never got round to it!

I didn't get an error in a browser but node red came back with that error.

Hmm, it's a valid LetsEncrypt cert with 3 SAN enties:

X509v3 Subject Alternative Name: 
                DNS:*, DNS:*,

All of which look valid, 2 wildcard and one for the root domain.

What version of NodeJS are you running Node-RED with?

It's probably quite an old version as I've not updated it. I'm not sure where to find out the NodeJS version, its on a "Thingbox" install I think its nodered 0.19.4.

To be honest I've not updated it as its doing quite a lot of my home control stuff I setup years ago and Im scared updating it will break things I've not got time to fix!

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