Http-request node in core produces fault

I have a node which has been broken. Now I get an error message like this: TypeError: tls.convertNPNProtocols is not a function
I have done a full upgrade on my Raspi, but ran in the end into a few unsolvable problems and I switched back to the older version.
Can I repair that node on its own? It is not in the pallette manager, but under the core package node-red.
If I cannot repair it can I use the node node-red-contrib-http-request? Or is there another solution to this?

You need to post a little more information.
What problems were there with the upgrade?
Which version are you using now?
Which node?
Can you post your flow?

It has nothing to do with my flow. It was functioning OK and during some experiments I lost my flows, got these back magically. As a result after the experiments I see a continuous blue sign requesting,indicating it is busy, at the node http request and get this error message.
The question is very basic. Can I recompile/link/reinstall this node?

If you run the upgrade script from below link it will give you a consistent set of tools and nodes and will rebuild as necessary.

I already did that and my nodes were tossed over to other places. I had to manually install them for quite a number and ended up with a few which are not behaving at all. The node sqlite (&sqlitedb) cannot update because of some dependacy node that goes haywire! It drives my Pi CPU in an infinite loop or something like that. And I need that node!!! So now I try to solve my problem differently by looking to the node that is giving the error message. It seems something with security -https -. I tried node-red-contrib-http-request, but that was not working as my node-red came into a boot loop because of this fault in tls.....

There’s no such thing as magic.

Please rerun the script that was linked to and cut and paste the outcome here.

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If you try to run with an old version of node-red, node.js or npm you are likely to find some problems. For example earlier versions of node-red may not run with the latest version of a node, or a node may not work with an earlier version of node.js. You really would be better to run the script again and then sort out any problems you may find. You will find help here in sorting those out if necessary.

Thanks for all the advise.
For now I will start a new system on a virtual machine. That will give me a up-to-date system and I will try that on the PI by switching SD-cards. That will take some time , so for now I will be busy with that.

For me a lot of things happen "like" magic. Sometimes things are corrected automatically and for me that is magic. In this case I found out there was no magic. After a few thoughts and experiments with updating nodes I remembered a new node had been installed. This was the one causing the trouble.
I have now a spare pi3B+ and will do experiments with that node to see if it is really the one.