Https ssl chain

Hi. I installed the certificate and now use the NR in https mode. However, the API I'm trying to work with requires NR to install a full chain of ssl certificates (Unable to verify the first certificate). How to install the entire certificate chain?

Typically, if you cannot turn off cert validation, you need to provide a cert signed by a trusted public CA. I'm assuming that your cert is a self-signed one?

The fact is that NR accepts data from a third - party system and I cannot influence it and force it to request data ignoring certificate verification . I have a full-fledged certificate with all the necessary chains, but I do not know how to install them NR

You would need to look into how Node.js handles certs. I suspect that it simply relies on OS capabilities.

OS's each have their own ways of managing certificate trust and you would need to load their trusted root into your OS's root cert store.

it doesn't depend on the operating system at all. NR raises its web server, which responds to https requests, if a web browser is simple enough, then some systems need a complete chain so that the https connection meets the specification completely.

OK, you haven't really explained what is going on then. You need to explain more about the data flows because it isn't clear.

yes, everything is simple from the side of NR there is an http in service that accepts post \get requests from a third-party service that meticulously checks https and determines the node NR as unreliable because it does not comply with the https specification and gives only a certificate without a full chain of certificates.

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