Hue magic startup problems


I have start up issues with using hue magic 2.0.5.
Node-red v.5.0.7

I have connected my hue bridge successfully.
I can turn on my light with using an inject node so i know the light is working.
Question 1:
How can i toggle my light with a single button? is this only possible with using a function?

Question 2: How do i use the node Hue Scene?

thanks for support.

Did you look at the documentation ?

How can i toggle my light with a single button

What kind of button ? Physical ? Web ?


I got it working with using the HA call service instead.

it is a physical button. Could not get the hue magic to work or hue scenes.

I got it working with the hue magic node, better yet my house is lit up by this node, physically, virtually and flowmatically. So why does it not work for you ?

note: node-red 5.0.7 does not exist.

i am using Node red in Home Assistant. here it is at version 5.0.7

could you share a string so i can see what i am doing different?

Node-red is at version 1.0.3
On the right top, hamburger menu, at the bottom.