Serious HueMagic Problem

I have a serious problem with HueMagic. I have several light control flows created with a rather complicated logic. Everything worked fine until I updated to the new version 4.0.2.
Now I have very strange behaviour:

  1. I have a hometic switch that changes the lights by iterating through the scnarios. (Works fine). Then I have a Switch that is supposed to turn the lights off. That does not work anymore.

When I click the button (on the left) then I get exactly the same debug messages as when I click the Inject-Node. However the button does not turn off the lights, the Inject-Node does. It is exactly the same??

  1. For my bedroom I have different light szenarios during day and in the night (so I dont get blinded). I have a flow that tries to activate them but I get an error message:

The lights wont go on and I have no clue what to do.

Is there any way I can get the old version of HueMagic back? This one is too buggy!

thanx in advance


In a terminal/CMD window, cd into the .node-red folder, npm uninstall the_node then npm install the_node@xxx where xxx is the version you want. Then restart node-red.

Do you need more help?

Ps, you should really post an issue on the GitHub repository so the author knows there is a problem.

Note: there may already be an issue raised - have a look see.

If the later nodes react differently then there must be a difference in the messages. Add a debug node connected to the button and the inject, set the debug node to Output Complete Message and show us the results for the two messages.

I have found the problem. HuieMagic 4.x is for a certain firmware in the Hue Bridge. Although I have my bridge updated to the newest firmware, it is not the required one. Probably my bridge is too old. I have downgraded to 3.0.0 (THX Steve-Mcl:)) and now everything works just fine.
Thanx for alle the input and help!

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