Hue Wall Switch sends on and off status at every toggle


I am facing a strange problem and I have no idea how to solve this.

If I toogle the Wall Switch Module I got 2 status messages,

"left_press" and "left_press_release", at the same time, every time.

Since I got both messages I have no idea how to work with the Wall Switch :smiley:

zigbee2mqtt is up2date (complete fresh install yesterday). I am using a CC2652P.

Any idea?

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edit: I want to relieve my Philips Hue Bridge. To link my Node-Red with the bridge is not an option for me.

As the message state. You got one message, when you press the button and one, when you release it. So you can make your own "short press" and "long press". For example you can start to dim when you got "left press" and increase every second and stop, when you got the "left press release". If you only need to switch on/off, you can ignore "left press release".

Hi @Falfango ,

I get 2 messages wenn I press my light switch (ON) and I got 2 messages when I push the light switch again (OFF).
I do not use a crossover switch. I can not see where there is a 'release' when I just turn my lights on with a default light switch.

Yesterday, I solved it with the Merge Node. But I have to use a 1-second-delay to merge both messages and this results in a power on/off delay at my lights.
As you told me, I will try to filter out the second message.

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I think you get one when you press it and one when you release it, not two when you press it.

I already pasted an image that shows that I got two messages at the same time :smile:

The problem is that as long as I got two messages I can only use 'toggle' but not On and Off.

Does anyone have a Hue Wall Switch and can tell me if his or her wall switch sends two messages too?

The documentation says the device should expose "device_mode" but it does not.

That I got two messages could be related to the device mode .... all my problems belong to this simple fact, that the devices sends press and release and once.

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Yeah I just bought two new Hue wall switch modules and tried to integrate them into my home assistant network. First I used my Conbee II Zigbee coordinator to connect it to my Zigbee2MQTT instance but encountered the same issue:
I used a rocker switch and got two outputs (pressed and then released) on one single button press.
So I thought it my be an issue with Zigbee2MQTT and paired it with my hue bridge to use the huemagic addon to get the outputs from the wall switch module into node red. But here I have the same Issue:
One button press results in a first payload (initial_press) followed by a second payload (short_release) although a release is not possible on a rocket switch.

I think it is great that the Hue switch does that. It gives you a lot of options if you get deeper into node-red. For now your solution can be so simple as put a switch node behind and set the condition to contains "_released" and otherwise. Connect the output to the otherwise node.

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