HueMagic - Multiple Values in the payload?



Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, but looking at the instructions for hue magic ( how do I add multiple values within a payload message ?

I can turn a hue light on/off , but how do I turn it on to 80% brightness ?

It seems to suggest I have to have two values in the payload, one to turn it on (boleoon) and the other to set the brightnesss (a number/int) ?


yep - reading the docs I'd say you need to set msg.payload to a boollean true/false to switch on/off and you need to set msg.brightness to a number between 0 and 100 to set the brightness

it implies that once you've set the brightness - it will remember the value and use that the next time you switch off/on again


Hi @cymplecy

Thanks for responding, Do you know how I do that within the same msg.payload , I can only seem pick one option (a Boolean, string or number etc.) per inject?


This would be one way - feed a number into the change node and get it to swap it into msg.brightness


You can send an object (JSON), e.g.




@cflurin - How do i send an object?

I don’t have that as an option within in the payload drop down list, flow, global, string, number etc ?




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That works a treat . Many thanks !!