Huemagic : store previous item state

Hi there,
Help with huemagic (control Philips Hue with Node RED) very appreciated:

There is an "alert" feature aka Special Alert Effect for groups:

Plays an alert effect based on the passed in msg.payload values of:

alert - int (required) -Configurable amount of seconds to play the alert effect (max 30). When the alert effect is finished you have to manually reset the lights to their previous state.

How would I do that? How would I get and store the "previous state" to set the lights back after the alert stops?

As soon as I start the alert, the output of the huemagic light node would alter, so that I can't use this msg for reset.

Looking forward to your help. Thank you!

Have a look here:


Hey ghayne,

Yeah, but this would (also) store the output triggered by the alert (because the light node would output the changed object for alert mode)

You'll need some clever programming then :slight_smile:
Can you post a flow?